Monday, July 12, 2010

12 weeks, and some big boy underpants

This is what 12 weeks pregnant with twins looks like (well, at least for me).

The most common question I get when people find out I am having twins is, "Do you know what you are having?", to which I need to reply, "Nope, not yet, I am only 12 weeks". I just can't even imagine how big I am going to be at 20 weeks, 30 weeks, and hopefully to at least 34 weeks!

We have an ultrasound tomorrow and just cannot wait to see our babies looking like actual babies! We are going to take video of the ultrasound, so stay tuned...

On a totally different note, we have been in the process of getting Logan potty-trained! After Baby Jack was born, we told Logan that pretty soon we would be packing up all his diapers and sending them to Baby Jack. We talked about it frequently, and gave Logan plenty of warning. Two weeks ago when Logan woke up, we put his diapers in a box, and on went the underpants! It was a rough few days to start, and while he has had his share of accidents, we have not given up, or given in. He wears underpants during all waking moments. Yesterday it was like something clicked with him because he learned how to pee on cue IN THE TOILET! We went from sitting in the bathroom for 15-20 minutes with nothing happening only for him to get off and pee in his underwear to DRY underpants and peeing on the toilet EVERY TIME!

The excitement in Logan's face is so precious to watch. He is elated to be a big boy like his friends, and we could not be more proud. And, let's face it, if we could NOT have 3 kids in diapers all at once, that would be great...

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