Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Logan

Dear Logan,

I often sit quietly and watch you play. Maybe you are sitting reading a book, or you are playing with blocks, or working on a puzzle. You whisper to yourself, and point out colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. You use different voices, and your eyes sparkle with each new moment of your "work" as you call it. Today I was watching you as you built me a golf course with your blocks. In the middle of your intense building, you broke into song. A beautiful arrangement of Wheels on the Bus. I couldn't help but smile watching you sing while you worked so hard, and when you caught me gazing onto your little world you gave me a coy smile, but you didn't stop singing as you often do when I catch you in a moment like this... a moment that you think you have all to yourself. Instead you continued to sing knowing you were within the safety and comfort of Mommy, and that I soak up every moment like this. The only time you stopped singing was to run over, grab my cheeks in your hands, and plant a sloppy wet kiss on my mouth saying, "that was a BIG one, Mom", and ran off back to your work.

I love you to the moon and back, bugs.


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