Friday, November 6, 2009

More reasons to love the second year of life

You know that song "I like to move it, move it..." You know, old school type song? The other day, Nile, who comes to daycare here, was singing it around the house ALL DAY LONG. He was singing it to the point that I was singing it as well. At the lunch table, he was singing it and was interrupted when Logan proclaimed:

"I like to move it too, Mommy!!"

Whereas Robin argues:

"No I move it!"

I had to explain that there is enough time in a day for us all to move it.


Yesterday when naptime was coming to an end, I could hear Logan babbling up in his room. I stood outside his door for a minute or two listening to his "conversation". He was explaining to "Puppy" what all those things were on his sheets. It sounded like this:

"Puppy! That is football, baseball, soccer ball, and beebee ball!" This went on for a while, and when I finally opened the door, he was sitting in his crib, looked at me, pointed to his nose and said:

"Mom, I've got a boggie"


  1. Absolute PURE JOY. Your little buddy sounds like quite a fantastic little boy! Love your blog!



  2. Madagascar. That song is in that movie. Jonas freaks whenever he sees a preview for it. He dances and jumps and shakes his booty!