Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear Logan,

Dear Logan,

You are so much fun. You brighten my everyday. Today we spent the day at the park. We took a picnic lunch and sat side by side at a picnic table, ate our sandwiches, and talked. We talked. Do you know how amazing this is to me? You are old enough to start having conversations. Of course, we conversed about topics such a choo choos and birdies, but still.

After lunch, I was in awe of you discovering things for the first time. You gazed in wonder at the height of an oak tree. You stood in skepticism at the feeling of the crunching of leaves under your tiny shoes. You held back exploration with the touch of sand for the first time. You hugged a tree. You inspected the details of the ladybug that landed on your arm. Watching you learn and experience has to be the best gift of parenthood.

We took a drive to lower city park and walked along the river. "Water! Water!" you yelled in complete amazement, and just stood still for so many minutes looking out at the water. Wow, I would give a lot to know just what you were thinking in those moments. We visited the statue of Loss of a Child and you were so careful and sweet with your questions, words and touches. You always know when it is the right time to give me a hug.

We saw a huge sculpture to which you asked "what's that?". I replied, "oh, that's neat". You took that quite literally, and when we couldn't see the sculpture anymore you asked "where neat go?". You were still talking about "neat" tonight at home, and when you see a picture of it you yell "that neat!".

On the way home, you sang "twinkle twinkle little star.." just that verse, over and over until you fell asleep. What a perfect end to the afternoon. Thank you for being so much fun. I love you forever.

Love Mommy

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