Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mr. Manners

It is my job as a parent to instill those important life lessons in my son. You know, like always look both ways before you cross the street, always wear clean underwear, open doors for people in public, say "Thank You"... you know, stuff like that. I figure the easiest way to do these things is to just start doing them. Sounds simple, right? You would be surprised how many kids I have encountered in my days that have been a little older than Logan, and a lot older than Logan, that manners and life lessons have been lost on.

Well, I am so proud to say that Logan has mastered "Thank You". When he says it, he has this adorable little tone of his voice and it sounds more like "Take Two", but I know he gets it. What really blows my mind, is that it is one thing to say thank you when prompted, but it is another thing to say it because you know it's right. It amazes me that at 20-months-old, we can give Logan his plate, hand him over his sippy, serve him some more carrots, put on his shoes for him, change his diaper... and he says "Thank You". Even this morning, after he had been up screaming for 3 hours with a sharp object piercing his gums, I gave him some Tylenol and a hug and he thanked me. Makes the four hours of sleep completely worth it!

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