Friday, September 25, 2009


Last night as I was putting away clean laundry in our bedroom, Logan was playing quietly in his room. I could see him from where I was sitting on my bed. He would look at a book, then do a puzzle, then would look at his flash cards, then visit with his stuffed animals... it was very endearing to watch!

Then, then "incident" happened.

He was inspecting the knob on his dresser when the base to the new video monitor we just got fell off his dresser. It fell at his feet and he stood there stunned, the look of horror across his face. I didn't say or do anything because I really just wanted to see what he would do next - what he did made me laugh so hard, I think I peed a little bit.

So back to the scene, there was Logan, standing over the fallen monitor. Stunned. Then he starts pacing in his room whispering "oh no, oh no, oh no..." over and over. Then he walks over to his door, and you could tell that a lightbulb went off over his cute little blonde head. He moves the laundry basket out of the way, and reaches on his tip toes to shut his bedroom door, probably thinking to himself "If I can't see it, and SHE can't see it... there is NOTHING to see here!". He successfully closes the door and strolls into my room with his hands behind his back and in the most angelic voice says "HI MOOOOOMMMMM!!!".

I started cracking up, but then stopped the laughing, and got down on his level, and this was our conversation:

Me: Logan, did something happen in your room?
Logan: um. uh huh.
Me: Did you knock down the new monitor?
Logan: uhhhh huhhhhhhh
Me: Should we go pick it up?
Logan: yaaaaaaaaaa....

I explained to him that accidents happen, and all was well. I just couldn't believe that this little person, now has the ability to feel guilt, then conjur up a PLAN, act out the plan, admit fault, and rectify his actions. Oh my gosh, he is actually a person!


  1. You handled it well. I have a smart daughter for a mommy and a smart grandson in Logan!! I can just picture that. lol