Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Love When...

Dear Logan,

* I love when you need to put your football in a safe place, you always find me. Even if I am in another room, you will seek me out to give me the football as you know I will keep it safe, clean, dry, and know where it is when you need it. If I am sitting on the couch, you will walk up and toss it in my lap. If it is sitting on the arm of the chair, you will come up, grab it, and toss it in my lap. If I am not paying attention, you will stuff it down my shirt or yell "MOM!".

* I love that you are learning a bagillion words a day. Today you looked out the window and said "My daddy going bye bye in that truck". What? WHAT?! You formed a sentence. A SENTENCE!

* I love that you love your Grandma Claudia. Very few things make me happier than watching the two of you play.

* I love when you melt into my arms before bed. You just flop your head onto my shoulder and wrap your little arms around my back. If I could describe what being a mommy feels like, it would be a description of this moment.

* I love how you can make me laugh even when someone else in the room is throwing up... all over our table. "Mommy.... Nile spilled!". Yes, honey. Sort of.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing is more satisfying in life than to now be loved by a grandchild.
    I love the ending!!! :D