Thursday, October 22, 2009

Anyone have the Tooth Fairy's phone number?

Do you think I can find it in the yellow pages, because we NEED IT! Logan's tooth... the one that was jammed up so far in his gums it was practically coming out his nose.... well, it just POPPED OUT! Just popped out. He was sitting in his chair at the table while I was making lunch. He had his head laying on his hands on the table and suddenly started whining. He was saying "mommy, hand, mommy hand" over and over. I though maybe he had some snot or something on his hand, as he usually complains when there is ANYTHING on his hands. He doesn't like to be dirty. Hmmm.... who do you think he gets THAT from... anyways, so he is holding his fist out to me and I go over there expecting to wipe of a boogie when there it it. Just laying on top of his hand. HIS TOOTH! Root and all.

I am just shocked. Here we are thinking we will have to wait up to 6 months, and potentially face Oral Surgery. SURGERY! And now... no waiting! The dentist was flabergasted. She could not believe that it came out, and actually questioned whether it was a different tooth. But no! It is that tooth that was jammed up to the edges of the earth and space and all that is unseen.

And my sweet boy lets out a sigh of relief! Can you even imaging how much better it must feel for him? My goodness! He must feel SO MUCH BETTER! YAY!!

I have been walking around the past few days in a daze of panic and anxiety because of the pain that he has been in, and the unknowing future of this tooth. The bad news is that he will need a baby denture, but this means no surgery! Have I mentioned that? NO SURGERY!

We go to the dentist on Tuesday morning so the dentist can oooo and ahhhh over the amazingness of the magical flying tooth. In my head, call me an optimist, but I am thinking that since the baby tooth spent minimal time jammed up into the permanant tooth bud that maybe this means the permanant tooth will be spared any severe harm. FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE!! Hopefully we can get his baby denture soon and don't have to go through the holidays and his birthday with our Billy-Bob-Baby. Even his gums are looking so much better.

Perhaps I can cancel the order I placed for the bubble I was planning to have him live in for the next ... oh.... 23 or 24 years.

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