Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A little hand holding goes a long way

My poor baby. My poor, poor, baby boy. Sunday night was "the accident" as we have been calling it. He was standing by the end table in the living room and stepped on a toy that was on the floor. As Brian and I were telling him not to stand on his toy, it slipped out from under him and he slammed his mouth on the side of the table. I reached over and grabbed him out and there was a chunk of wood from the table in his mouth - he hit it that hard. I realized that his tooth was missing, he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, but his tooth was not there. Brian and I rushed him to the dentist who gave us the shocking news- his tooth has been push up into his gum - completely. The bottom of his tooth is 5mm above his gum line. The gum tissue in his mouth is very damaged, and he has exposed bone, potential damage to his baby tooth and permanant tooth, and will be "toothless" for up to six months. We have been devestated over our poor baby's pain. He has been such a trooper, and will give us a big grin filled with one less tooth. He will ask us for smooches even though his lip is swollen, and he will walk over to the table and say "table owie, no stand on boat". Ugh, my heart is just aching for him.

Last night, about 4am, Logan woke up in pain. It had been about six hours since he had some meds for the pain, and he was moaning and crying "owie". I gave him his motrin, cuddled with him and rubbed his back until he relaxed. He finally curled up next to me and said "mommy, hold hand". He just wanted me to hold his had. I held it tight and rubbed his hand until he fell asleep. It is, by far, the least I could do, but yet that is all he needed from me.

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