Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Top Three

Once again, I have kinda been a bad blogger.  This just means I have been busy with other stuff.  Undoubtedly, topics are most definitely swirling through my head quite often, and while I know what I want to write about, I rarely have the time. When I do have the time, I sit at my Mac, fingers at the keys, and nothing comes out.

Writer's block happens.

But then there are nights like tonight when the twins were cute and fun, and Logan read half a book to me. Like really READ. A. BOOK. (Note to self: video Logan reading me a book), and I made it to the gym, the house is clean, emails have been emailed, and my husband put away 7897897 pounds of clean laundry that have been sitting at the top of the stairs taunting us me.

I noticed a couple of months back that dinnertime was lacking a bit of conversation. It's easy to get caught up int...


And that's where I left off typing this draft, oh... about 3 weeks ago.  Is that not ridiculous? I have been insanely busy and overwhelmed, and not in a oh-I-got-so-much-accomplished-I-was-so-busy kind of way.  More of a need-4-extra-hours-in-a-day kind of way. But today I stopped to sit and type, not because I have something brilliant or witty to say at this moment, because frankly I am tired, and worn down, and completely overwhelmed that I could potentially cry at any given moment.  I sat down to write because as I was putting my vacuum away, I spotted Parker and Cooper sitting quietly next to each other playing. Cooper had a book, and Parker had a truck.  The didn't spot me watching them, so I tucked around the corner a bit and watched as Parker stood up and took the two toddles over to Cooper, bent down and gave him a giant hug.  This is likely the kind of hug that only brother's can give. Maybe even the type of hug only twins give.  Cooper's face lit up being in his little brother's embrace, and as a response to the hug, Cooper lifted up Parker's shirt and kissed his belly button.  (Cue tears from Mommy).  It was a split second interaction, one that I easily could have missed, and likely one of many that I do miss.  I love that we are raising affectionate boys.  They love hugs and kisses, and give and get them often.

And Logan. He never ceases to amaze me with his wisdom and thirst to drink up the world around him.  He is not only doing well in school, he is thriving; soaking up all that he can.  Today he sewed a pillow. Yesterday he learned about the birth of a baby, and actually told me all about the different parts of the umbilical cord. He also had his first t-ball game, and had his first homerun.  I am giddy with excitement to have my boy home with me all summer.  I want to lazy-snuggle in bed in the morning, no rush, no repetitive requests to brush teeth. Just breathe.

I am extended a little thin. That I do know. Most of that which is bogging me down right now is likely my own fault. Let's face it, I am about as type-A as one gets (controlling much?). But at the same time, if I had advice for any new mom it would be to soak it up. Even if your day sucks. Even if you yelled today, or cried, or both.

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