Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Play Ball!

Monday evening brought that spring-like weather that makes me lust for summer bonfires, ice cream cones, and flip flops.  Not only was the weather fantastic, the sunset was spectacular, and I took this opportunity to remind myself to take photos of my own kids.  I spend so much time shooting and editing photos or OTHER peoples kids, that this often gets overlooked.  I am ashamed, really, as I vow to never look back at this time in our lives and wish I had more to remember it by.

Monday night was a big night for Logan - he started T-ball! This is kinda a huge step in the life of a a little guy, right?  I know it is about baseball, yadda yadda, but I just couldn't stop focusing on my little man in these pants!


He actually loved it. He loved catching, pitching, batting and all of the other baseball terms that are used whilst playing baseball.
{Note to self: learn baseball terminology/rules}

The twins loved this night like a fat kid loves cake. They love the grass, throwing stuff, and I believe Parker snacked on a weed. A weed, not some weed, big difference.

Exhibit A: eating dandelions 

What I know for sure is that Logan had a blast, the twins played so hard the slept through the night {THEY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! EVEN COOPER!} and we got ice cream. It was a good night. 

I just really kind of love this photo. 

Parker is checking out his brother's hat... 

And goes IN for the swipe!

Logan is catching!

Got it!

And a good throw!

And Cooper wants out.

Parker was indifferent. 

Until he realized the good fun of throwing stuff!

And retrieval!

And throwing again.

Cooper got in on the throwing/retrieving action.

He means business, this kid. 

Sat for a break. This is probably one of my favorite Cooper photos ever. 

Or maybe this one. 

This is Parker spotting his big brother. I just love it. I also love that the twins are wearing two of my most favorite shirts from when Logan was little. 

Ah, and they're fighting. 

And Parker won!

So Cooper decided he would sit and look cute. Don't you just want to scoop him up and squeeze him?

Batter up!

Ending the night with a treat of ice cream was... well, the ice cream on top of the cone. 

I love this face. 


  1. What fantastic memories you are creating for your family. You are a fantastic mother. I'm so proud of you.
    Love Mom/Grandma

  2. Well, I just want to eat their faces! All three of them, so precious.