Friday, February 10, 2012

Sometimes you just feel like watching what you want to watch!

Yesterday afternoon I had a brief period of time where all kids were napping - my three boys and the two little girls that I care for during the week.  I took this opportunity to watch some DVR and work on editing some photos.  It wasn't long before Logan woke up (he is pretty much outgrowing naps anyways) and per usual grabbed a snack and curled up next to me.  I happened to be watching Ellen.  I look over at Logan and this is what happened. 

Anyone else have a 4-year-old who loves Rachael Ray as much as mine does? I ended up finding an episode on DVR with Buddy Valastro (aka Cake Boss), where he and Rach were making PB&J cupcakes. Right up this kid's alley. He went from weeping to cheering at the television.  Who knows, perhaps my boy will be a chef one day! 

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