Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bathroom art

I have this bathroom. It is the most used bathroom in the house since it is the only one on the main floor of the house. However, it is small, has no windows, and has a serious identity crisis. I have painted it... well, let's just say it has been painted a few times. *cough* four times *cough*.  And I still hate it.  Since I don't have the dough to do everything that I want to do for a full-on makeover, I have been changing little details here and there.  My favorite bathroom in the house is the boys' bathroom upstairs (more on that later), and since I did some new crafty stuff for that room this weekend, some art suddenly was free to roam the house! So a large black framed photo of a black and white image that I took is now in crisis'd bathroom, and I had a second black frame that needed something to balance the other side of the room. I switched out a towel hook for a more kid-friendly (think independent hand-washing), lower to the sink hook, and did some spur of the moment kid art feature the 3 little loves of my life!

I am diggin' the result. Best part? It serves as a friendly reminder from the germaphobe mommy of the house. Me.

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