Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Nothing like being 20 weeks pregnant and measuring 30 weeks! They really should make a seperate chart for women pregnant with multiples, because really, the thought of measuring at 47 weeks at some point (which will probably be in a month or two) is going to make me develop a complex. We have an ultrasound tomorrow so I am very interested to see exactly how these babies are measuring - my guess would be large - and I really do hope that is the case. I want nice, plump, healthy, chubby little boys. My BP was 120/60, so perfecto, a mild UTI and whatev's... but that comes with two people setting up camp on top of your bladder. Dr. Wenzel said that I can actually go a month out until my next visit, which always makes things a bit easier. That is also reassuring to me that things are indeed progressing well. In the meantime, Brian and I need to set up a time to tour Labor and Delivery since we will be delivering in a different hospital than we did with Logan.

I also have a post about our Labor Day weekend in Chicago that I am working on, but I just need a good chunk of time in which to write about it, and that I just haven't had lately. Soon though... soon.

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