Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Got milk?

I know who should be in the next ad for "Got Milk?". It's my boy. Today I decided would be the day we can start ditching sippy cups and move to real cups without lids. What made me decide this? Well, frankly, all the sippy cups were in the dishwasher. Sometimes, as a parent, we make parenting choices based on what the day is throwing us. Today was not throwing me a bone, to say the least, but the good part was that Logan was rockin' the regular cup. At lunch he said, "Look at me mom, I have a Milkstash". Where does he learn these things?

We were listening to a kiddie CD during lunch, and I have to say, there is nothing that can put a smile on your face like quiet children with mouths full of garbanzo beans bopping up and down to some tunes. In the middle of lunch Logan says "Mom, my bottom is shaking".

We had a visit from Baby Jack Litton this morning! He is just the cutest, sweetest thing and it was so much fun watching him watch the big kids, and watching Logan being so gentle and kind to this little sweetie. It makes me feel so good knowing that he will fall into his role as Big Brother with ease.

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