Thursday, August 5, 2010

15 weeks, and some smooches

I had my 15 week prenatal appointment yesterday. My doctor gave her prediction of Baby A being a girl, and Baby B being a boy based on their heartbeats. I am hoping that since she has delivered about a bagillion babies that maybe she has some expertise in guessing. :) She told me that I am "really blossoming", which cracked me up. Um, Doc, you can just say that I look like I am carrying a watermelon. I can take it. As for the rest of the appointment, everything is good, up 5 lbs, ultrasound a week from Monday. I now start every two week appointments which just seems crazy! I am pretty much about half way through my pregnancy.

As for some smooches, I just have to note how Logan has made it a point to name the different smooches he gives throughout the day. For example, there is the "little smooch", the "BIG smooch", the "cheek smooch", the "nosey smooch", and so on. He is the loviest kid and I just love lovin' on him.

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