Monday, August 23, 2010

18 weeks and Trains

Today I had my 18 week prenatal appointment. Everything looked great! Heartbeats in the 150's, blood pressure 120's over 70's, up 13 lbs total for entire pregnancy, and measuring at a whopping 25 weeks! Ahahahaha! Dr. Wenzel actually said "Wow, you are really growing!". I told her about our big news about having two boys and she was not only shocked, but also informed me that the boys could potentially be identical, even though they are in seperate sacs. Being on Clomid though, and the fact that I felt that I had ovulated twice, I really think our boys are fraternal.

I had a bit of a dizziness spell on Saturday morning while shopping with Logan at Target. After talking to my Dr. today, we really think it was just low blood sugar, and the fact that I am pumping a lot of extra blood through my body. Other than that, she said that everything is perfect, and to keep doing what I am doing!

18 weeks 1 Day

In Logan-Land, our boy has a new hobby - Thomas the Train! And all of his friends, of course. Logan can easily name off every Thomas and Friends train from Percy to Troublesome Trucks. This could become a very expensive hobby...


  1. What a cute tummy! And all of those expensive train pieces may be a good investment since you'll have three sons!

  2. Lindsay, sounds like your pregnancy is going very well. So happy for you guys!
    Logan, you are adorable as ever. :-)