Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today for lunch I decided to whip up something a little different. The kids love beans, and they love tuna salad... so... do you see where I am going with this? I came up with Dill Tuna Salad with Navy Beans. Yum.

One can tuna (in water) drained
One can navy beans, drained and rinsed
lemon juice
greek yogurt
sea salt
coarse black pepper

Mix tuna and beans. Add 1 tsp. mayo and 1 tsp greek yogurt and mix gently. Add a splash of lemon juice (or more if you like), and a sprinkle of sea salt, a dash of coarse black pepper, and about a palm full of dill. Mix together, spoon on a plate and serve with Back to Nature Sesame Tarragon crackers, a side of mashed cauliflower, and a fruit of choice. This was a definite crowd pleaser today with all the kids, and by far, Logan's favorite.

After lunch Logan was sitting in the chair looking at his new favorite book: Baby Dolphin that my mom and dad picked up for him while visiting the aquarium in Chicago. Logan called me over and pointed to the dolphin's tail and said:
"Mom, that is the dolphin's fluke"

Why, yes son... yes it is you smarty pants.

Raise your hand if you love two-year-olds!

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  1. Yeah, I tried to give Robin tuna salad with dill and she absolutely refused. I'm afraid she will have a diet of crackers and noodles forever now that she isn't at your house!