Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aw, shucks.

Ok, so what is it called when you remove all the peas from a pod? Shucking, right? No, that's corn. Food for thought, that one.

Anywho, we got a large bag of fresh peas in pods (not sugar snap peas where you can eat the pods, but actual peas, as in the kind you can buy frozen in the bag.  This was a new addition to our produce bin, along with some bok choy, so I decided to make a huge pot of soup.  This will work great for meals for the week!

After the littlest people were down for a nap, I had Logan get to de-podding the peas.  How very Montessori if us! He, of course, loved it.  When I was finished getting everything else in the pot I went over to join Logan and partake in some team work, as he called it.  We chatted a bit, and then got into a nice groove and out of nowhere he says "Mommy this is my favorite part of today".  Me too.

Since the peas shoot out of the pods occasionally like cannon balls, you can only imagine the rogue peas strewn throughout my kitchen. Pea-retrieval turned out to be an excellent job for a 4-year-old! The best part was Logan finding a pea and saying "get back here you little fella!". Freaking love that kid.

Meet the Coolest Kid Ever. His shirt says so, and so does his mommy.

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