Friday, March 9, 2012

Boys and 31

A few weeks ago, we headed back to Brian's Dad's house for the day.  Our boys dressed in their Sunday best, and if you couldn't tell, Logan picked out his entire outfit down to the argyle socks.

I took the opportunity to take some photos of my 
happy guys since they had all their clothing, 
they didn't have Cheerios stuck to anything, 
and they nobody was in footie jammies.

Instead we had owl hats and fun, spring-like ties.

And eyes that I could get lost in.

Oh, and eyelashes for days. 

And sweet middle kiddies who give me coy smiles.

And who think I am funny!

And has a comb-over. 

And a Punky!

Who makes me work for a good photo. 

And is cute regardless.

And oh so serious... 

We did some exploring!

This past weekend we celebrated my dear husband turning 31! Logan and I made dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting - all from scratch - and they were Ah-Mazing!

Every kid needs to learn the art of licking the beaters. Especially when they are 
covered in whipped butter and sugar. Mmmmmm.... 

Don't you want to just roll around in this bowl? No, just me then?

Last year, I started the tradition of giving Brian food with his age on it. 
Don't ask me why, but for his 30th he got a pizza with "30" in pepperoni. 
This year was 31 in cupcakes! 

This is the face Logan made when I told him "Daddy is 31 years old! That's old!"

The boys got Daddy a new pair of jeans for his birthday, and I went to a specialty store and got my hubby a yummy sampler pack of some fun beers that I knew he would appreciate - including two Hopslam which is normally $20 (minimum) for a 6-pack. I think he liked it!
(PSA - Do not pay any attention to the basket of clean laundry on the counter)

That night we got a rare adult night out with some friends.
 We enjoyed a dinner, drinks, laughing, gas station wine, and a shot that had
 something to do with a rooster. 

Um, it's March?! How did that happen? Also, it is going to be in the 70's next week while my boy is on Spring Break. I see the park in our near future! Happy Spring!

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