Monday, March 5, 2012

Bathroom hooks

When I was about 5 months pregnant with Logan, and home alone, I decided that I needed to paint the soon-to-be kids bathroom. right. that. second.  So off to the paint store I went and found this yummy, buttery yellow color that was so happy and creamy and I loved it the second the roller hit the wall.  Years later, when Logan was on his way to becoming a big brother, I waddled my twin-bellied-self through Target and let Logan pick out a fun shower curtain for the soon-to-be boys bathroom.  Little did we know that this shower curtain that my boy stood hugging in the bathroom section of Target would be the inspiration for Parker and Cooper's nursery, and their first birthday party! The Woodland Owl curtain perfectly complimented the buttery wall, as well as the other decoration I have for the bathroom (I will show those soon!). 

Until recently, I had a standard towel bar in this bathroom.  One towel bar for three dirt covered boys to hang their cozy towels wasn't going to cut it. I found these hooks at Ikea and knew they were perfect. I mean, they come in packs of three! I love that they can be folded up for safety, and are easy enough for little hands.  

I thought of a few different options for art above the hooks, but I had these large letters from Michaels laying around and figured this would be the perfect place! They were already painted three different colors, and happend to look great with the shower curtain.  Logan and I grabbed some rogue tree branches laying in a field nearby and broke them into small pieces.  About 6 sticks of hot glue and 45 minutes later we had some rugged, woodland art to go above Parker, Logan, and Cooper's towel hooks. I am pretty smitten with how these turned out, and the best part is that the entire project cost under $15! 

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