Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In need of some adult interaction

What do text messages look like when your husband is out of town, and you spend 24 hours a day with toddlers and babies, and very minimal adult interaction?


8:00 am - Cade's not here yet.
8:06 am - Nevermind.
8:07 am - I got new bathroom soap. Foam kind again. Logan said "Mommy that red soap just wasn't working for me."
3:02 pm - Kiwi birds are so weird.
4:15 pm - Logan said "Eliza there's the perfect soap in the bathroom for you to use". Bwahahahaha!
4:20 pm - He really hated that other soap.
5:00 pm -Hello?

FINALLY a reply from my husband...
5:17 pm - Hello I'll call you shortly

5:22 pm -Okey Donkey (auto correct...)


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Gotta love auto correct!

  2. I know you are, Meliss. Good news is that we will be living the dream together in July!