Monday, April 4, 2011

Eliza: Queen of the Sass

I have a house full of boys. My three boys, a daycare boy, a boy dog, a man-child husband. ALL boys. Except for Eliza. Tomboy none-the-less, but still adores her "fancy jammies", and wearing tutus OVER her jeans while digging in the mud. Oh... and the sassiness. OH THE SASSINESS! I have had Eliza in my care since she was about 9 months old. Now, at 2.5, she is Logan's BFF and part of our family. And, she is funny.

So, today right in the beginning of nap I hear Eliza hopping and saying "Bibbit". So I say "Eliza it is time for nap, it is not time for ribbiting". I hear nothing, then suddenly really loud "BIBBIT! BIBBIT!". So I went over there and said "Eliza, it is time for nap, it is not time for being a frog", to which she replies "Well Lindsay.... I GO TO MY HOUSE TO BIBBIT!" and she walked over, grabbed her shoes and said "I got my shoes, I bibbit to my house!".

Oh my God, I was dying laughing. Luckily me laughing made her laugh and she put her shoes down and went to lay down. But seriously, she meant business.

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