Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It really is the small things in life...

* Like "Logan Sandwiches". Each night before bed I hold Logan in my arms and he will ask for a Logan Sandwich. Brian will bear-hug his arms around me with Logan smooshed in the middle. Next comes the Mommy Sandwich, and ends with Daddy Sandwich. It is the new way that we end our day, and I have to say, it puts the biggest smile on my face.

* Hair twirling. Not my own, but Logan's. I will twirl his hair in my fingers while he is sitting on my lap looking at a book, or watching a video, and I just take in the colors of the stands of his hair, the way it falls into place, and the way that he will find my hand to continue to twirl if I stop.

* Loving to the Moon and Back.

Lindsey Litton sent me a link to this birth story. It is raw emotion. Love and heartache in one tiny moment. I cried copious amounts of tears reading this blog, that I am glad I was sitting alone on my couch.

We need to remind ourselves each day that is really is the small things in life that make the moments where we feel like we can no longer breathe a little bit easier to take in.

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