Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Logan,

You have recently made me laugh for the following reasons:

* You hide "Cuckoos" in your pockets. Yep, I said Cuckoos. Like the bird. And the clock. It is your new "thing". They are invisible little birdies that you hide in your pockets and try to catch.

* You POOPED IN THE TOILET for the first time EVER tonight! And no, it was not with Daddy! It was with me. Mommy. ME! I cried. Who cries when their kid poops in the toilet? I blame hormones. You were shocked that you did this. You stood up, looked in the potty SHOCKED, and asked "Mommy! What is THAT?!". That my friend, is a turd. YAY!

* Tonight you talked yourself to sleep for an hour. You said "Mommy" on repeat for about 20 minutes. You sang some Twinkle Twinkle. Just as we thought it was quiet, we hear, "Mommy-Daddy? Mommy-Daddy? Anybody there?!". We couldn't help but laugh. Hard.

* Today we went to the library for Toddler Reading time. You are really becoming so much more comfortable in new places, and it makes me so proud! You sang and danced. You interacted with other kids. You had SO much fun, and talked about it all the way home: "Mommy, I LIKE the library!"

Thank you for making me laugh everday. I am so lucky to be home with you everyday, get to see all these moments, and be your best friend. Don't ever change who you are.

Love, Mom

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