Thursday, December 9, 2010

33 Weeks

I am so uncomfortable. I have never imagined discomfort like this in my entire life! While it is completely, totally, and undeniably worth every second for the sweet baby boys we will be adding to our family, I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore! I am stretched, cramped, ached, swelled, and pinched in ways I didn't think possible. This belly? This belly is like a life-form of its' own. I am actually getting stretch marks in places where the babies like to hang out or stretch out limbs. I cannot begin to imagine what this belly is going to look like when it is vacated!

I had an OB appointment on Monday. I was down 5lbs from last week. Wowza. That tells me how much I had been overdoing it, and how swollen I was because of that. Other than that, everything looked fine, and I wasn't any more dilated that I had been in the hospital, which is the best news we could have gotten. I had an NST Tuesday, and another one tomorrow, and so far those have been great. We have another ultrasound on Monday, so we will see how large these babes are! I am hoping for 6lbs!

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  1. You look wonderful Lindsay! I am praying for comfort for you over these next couple days/weeks. Also praying for nice chubby babies! :-)