Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Really big boy bed

My baby is a boy. He is a little boy now that goes to the bathroom in the toilet, uses a fork with metal prongs, can sit in a chair without a seatbelt at a restaurant, and can sleep in a bed that I can fit in too. When did this happen? No seriously, someone tell me when this happened, because seriously? I missed the the day when he went from baby to boy.

Age two-and-a-half is amazing. It is amazing how much Logan can say and do, and it is amazing that I don't lose my mind on most days. With the brilliant things that Logan can say and do, he also can have an attitude and a passion for what he wants that sometimes makes me retreat to a bathtub with some lovely Zen music and a bottle of merlot (which is highly unlikely considering the fact that I am 6 months pregnant). But really, regardless of those days when I want to pull my hair out, the boy amazes me, and fills my heart so full of love and pride, and pure joy that I often just feel like I am going to burst. I know that every parent feels this way, but I just wonder how in the world I am going to split myself evenly between my three children? It is something I worry and stress about, yet at the same time, I already feel so much love for these two boys growing inside of me.

Being pregnant with twins is amazing. Being pregnant is amazing. After all we have gone through to grow our family I really don't take any part of this miracle for granted. Having two little babies moving inside of me is the most indescribable feeling. Is it possible that I already feel like these two boys are going to have such different personalities? Since the babies are both head down, I have four feet constantly kicking my left side. Parker, the baby on top, is much more active. His kicks and punches are stronger and more frequent. He responds more to touch and sounds, and startles easier. Cooper, the babe on the bottom, is more mellow. His movements are lighter, he doesn't seem to startle quite as easily, but is most definitely taking up the majority of the womb space! Is that not amazing?! Now when they are both moving at the same time, in different directions, in different ways... that's when mama feels like she is on a bad boat ride. Even so, I wouldn't change it for anything in the world, and daydreaming about what these two little boys are going to look like, what they are going to feel like in my arms, and what I am going to feel like holding my three baby boys in my lap for the first time... it's completely wonderful and overwhelming at the same time. I can't wait to touch their soft skin, and feel their sweet baby faces against mine. I can't wait to nurse them both for the first time, and listen to their sweet breath while watching them sleep. The newborn stage is over in a second, and soon I will have more boys in really big boy beds. There is just nothing more amazing than being a mom. Nothing.

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