Monday, January 18, 2010

Broken? Nah... Mommy fixed it.

I just put Logan down for bed. Let me set the scene for you. Crib, Logan, Puppy, Sheep, Dino, Alligator, Football, Mouse, Moose, 3 books, and a music box. Yes, a hard, wooden music box - held under his arm like a football. He is set to go.

I barely got cozy on the couch when I hear Logan starting to scream:

"Uh oh! Uh oh! Uh Oh! I broke the bed!!!"

I flew up the stairs thinking he fell out, or that he is stuck, or that something else went terribly wrong. But no, what did I find? I found the poor kid struggling to get his blanket straightened out. His blanket was bunchy, and therefore, he had thought he "broke the bed". I fixed the blanket, he closed his eyes, and what was done was done.

Goodnight my sweetheart!

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